Get heard…

8 11 2006

With the exception of P. Diddy’s (or whatever he’s called nowadays) ridiculous “Vote or Die” campaign aimed at faddy apparel and threatening billboard ads, really only doing harm to the entire cause, the movement to vote has become a prolific element in my young adult life. My father was an enormous history enthusiast and teacher and if he taught me anything about democracy in history, it has been that the power of the people is an incredibly daunting capacity to withhold. But it’s still ours. We have yet to make ourselves heard. We tolerate these ridiculous lies and blatant twistings of truths, and why? Because we as Americans don’t truly feel we’re being lied to. We’re so wrapped up in all the other distractions and all the other vices that are available to us, we forget that our President is the most inept, unjust, uneducated and unworthy person to ever hold that position. But, alas. He’ll be gone soon and whoever steps up to the plate will truly be batting “clean-up”. There is going to be such a mess left over, that the next incumbent will do very little to seal his or her own legacy in American history and will probably only be known as “The President after Bush”. I never think it’s too late to change. I think America will recover, but it will require many years, many honest and prolific people and many well-placed and monumental events. So, what can we do? What little part can we play? Let’s face it, not a lot of people have the passion, let alone the time to be revolutionaries. But we can vote. For the normal, everyday, non-Superhero-esque personnel of America, it’s our most available option. So, do it with pride. It’s our wonderful privilege as Americans to do so. Often, people of other countries wait in lines for hours at the risk of being shot just so they can say “Yay” or “Nay”. I would hope that America wouldn’t have to come to that point to bring our poll visits up to a decent number. I challenge my generation to take a severe interest in our future and the future of our children. It’s time for radical change. It’s time for our own Bastille Day of sorts. It’s time to start asking the questions that matter and asking them of the people in charge. Where are our answers Mr. Bush? You have yet to apologize for what you’ve done to this country and the world as a whole. By instilling the idea of being conquered by terrorists, you sir, have been ruling by terror. And what a terrible President you are. I ask wholeheartedly as an American and as a human that we stand together and make ourselves heard. Voting is one of the most important things you will ever do as an American citizen. Be proud, be wise and above all, be heard.


“Keeping Score” series on PBS…

6 11 2006

I luckily stumbled across by far one of the most creative, informative and absolutely satisfying programs on television that I’ve seen in a very long time. Presented by Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, this series not only explores and reveals the many intricacies of some of the most popular symphonies, but truly and passionately portrays every note for its real meaning. The episode I saw was exploring Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony, The Eroica. This Symphony is arguable just as popular as his 5th and 9th purely for its revolutionary sound. By the time those two were written, audiences were much more accustomed to Beethoven’s expressive style. I had been waiting for a series of this magnitude and credibility for quite a while. Mr. Thomas and various other members of the San Francisco Symphony maticulously explore ever major portion of all four movements and go well beyond basic interpretation and into an incredibly intelligent and philisophical take on the piece as a whole. For an example of the level of detail involved in this production, visit to view their interactive site. Again, this program is truly incredible and should be enjoyed by people of all ages and musical backgrounds.

“You know that one song from that one commercial?”

5 11 2006

This is my favorite place to find those catchy little tunes you see on TV. A lot of these people are extremely resourceful and can find some of the most obscure pieces. I once found a post for a song in a Bacardi commercial that the poster found IN A MUSIC LIBRARY ONLINE! Do you know how hard that had to be to find? Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed. I’ll often run right to this site after hearing a tune and many times it will probably already be posted. So, check it out and give it a try. I guarantee you’ll find something.

If you thought the show “Cheaters” was embarassing…

5 11 2006

Ok, so I read about this in GQ and I had to check it out for myself…it seems all the women in the world have finally found a way to band together and talk $hit about men in a completely different medium…the internet. How great? Wonderful. Now if you break some psycho girl’s heart, you could be “blacklisted” across the entire world.

The site is called and it’s somewhat disturbing. Any girl can start an account and post an alert about a guy they’ve dated that has in some way wronged them. Then, any other girl (or anyone for that matter) can search the site and read why this particular guy shouldn’t get another chance. The guy can post a rebuttal, but at that point, isn’t it already too late?

Whatever happened to good old fashioned just breaking up? Just be careful men. Now your fling with the local psycho ending in you breaking her heart could lead to quite a long dry spell.

You’ve been warned.

Pixar’s office space…

4 11 2006

Uhm…So, how incredibly cool is this? I was looking up “coolest office ever” and I think I may have found it. These pictures come from inside Pixar, makers of Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc. and other great movies…When I used to work for Midway Games, they tried doing something similar to this, but of course it didn’t look this damn good…

If an office space like this can’t inspire you to make an awesome product, I don’t know WHAT will!

You can read more about awesome workplaces around the world here.

Get your self a account…

3 11 2006

Seriously, this is so cool…I started thinking about this today…Our collection(s) of regularly visited web pages really paint a very detailed picture of who we are…so, why not try connecting with others with similar taste?

The thing I love about is that it’s so incredibly bare…there’s no fancy advertisements, no shiny link buttons (althought those are cool) and nothing to get in your way of finding exactly what you need…

So, mosey on down to and start yourself up and account and start adding your favorite bookmarks…You can check out my bookmarks (still building it) here.

Be gentle, it’s my first time…

3 11 2006

So here I am…Officially blogging! So, is this what it feels like? I guess everyone’s disappointed their first time, right?

It’s very strange…you hear about blogging, you read about blogging, you see blogs all over…it always seemed reserved for those elite internet freaks that were using the internet before Bill Gates even knew what it was…But here I am! Sitting at my computer blogging…it’s somewhat empowering. How many people are going to read this again?!