Apple finally announces the new iPhone!

9 01 2007

Like many of you other tech geeks out there, the moment I heard about the rumored iPhone, I was searching blogs and news sites looking for any little bit of information I could find like a starving dog looking for table scraps! As of two days ago, there wasn’t a single article or entry even denying the existence of an iPhone’s on Apple’s site. Visit today and you can’t escape the bombardment of iPhone hype.

Apple iPhone

Out of all the phone companies that have been around since the start, it seems that Apple has finally gotten it right. It’s a phone, an iPod, an internet browser, a movie player, a camera and a multi-tasking computer. On top of that, it’s just plain cool. There are no buttons as everything is completely touch screen. The unit will run you around $500, so start saving now. It will be so worth it.

For a full, official article, filled with real facts and without the excitement of a 12 year old girl, check AppleInsider’s article here:

AppleInsider: Apple Stuns Macword…

I, for one, cannot wait.


I am SO making this…

9 11 2006

I want to make one of these, attach it to the gas line in the house, put it on display and throw a part every single night.

Modern art…

9 11 2006

I personally don’t think I would have the patience to do this every single day, but somebody did and will be doing it for the rest of their lives. His name is Noah Kalina and he’s been taking a picture of himself everyday for the past six years and will continue to do so until the day he dies. I love this piece and I think it’s very indicative of the new forms of art we are going to start seeing with the rise of technology. Everyday, ordinary people being creative because they posses the tools to do so.

Pixar’s office space…

4 11 2006

Uhm…So, how incredibly cool is this? I was looking up “coolest office ever” and I think I may have found it. These pictures come from inside Pixar, makers of Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc. and other great movies…When I used to work for Midway Games, they tried doing something similar to this, but of course it didn’t look this damn good…

If an office space like this can’t inspire you to make an awesome product, I don’t know WHAT will!

You can read more about awesome workplaces around the world here.

Get your self a account…

3 11 2006

Seriously, this is so cool…I started thinking about this today…Our collection(s) of regularly visited web pages really paint a very detailed picture of who we are…so, why not try connecting with others with similar taste?

The thing I love about is that it’s so incredibly bare…there’s no fancy advertisements, no shiny link buttons (althought those are cool) and nothing to get in your way of finding exactly what you need…

So, mosey on down to and start yourself up and account and start adding your favorite bookmarks…You can check out my bookmarks (still building it) here.