Welcome 2007!

9 01 2007

Yeah, I know…it’s January 9th…I’ve been a little busy lately, ok?

2007…wow. It seems like 2006 didn’t even exist. It just flew right through me like a supersonic jet filled with questionable acts, drunken hazes, love struggles and meaningless relationships. I’m not bitter though.

But I really don’t have any clue what happened to 2006. One day I’m celebrating 24 and the next, I’m dreading 25. 25. Wow. Now I think 28 is the new 21, but turning 25 does have a significant meaning to it. Your auto insurance lowers, you’ve learned all the ins and outs of bar ettiquette (and hopefully by this point have acquired enough connections to drink for considerably less than you normally would), you’ve filtered out all the insignificant acquantances and found your real friends, and by now you’re starting to be a lot more judgemental of the people you date. I mean after all, this is the time to start finding that special someone isn’t it? Is it? Who knows nowadays. Relationships are so incredibly different from the norm to which I’ve been accustomed. I feel sorry for those that haven’t truly loved, but at the same time, I envy their zest for seeking it out.

I can honestly say I’ve been in love and ok, ok…I still am. But it’s real kick in the balls sometimes. But, being 25 and embracing whatever comes your way is what it’s all about, right? Who wants to be stuck in the past? It’s hard not to dwell on previous events that have led you to where you are now, but sometimes you just have to let go and move forward.
So, even though I have refused to come up with a resolution for this year, I will say that my “aim” for 2007 is to start learning to let go. (Notice I didn’t say resolution.) I wish you all the best in 2007 and I would hope that if there is anything still lingering from a rocky past, maybe you don’t have to completely close your eyes to it, but start learning to live with it.
Afterall, it’s not going away.




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