Apple finally announces the new iPhone!

9 01 2007

Like many of you other tech geeks out there, the moment I heard about the rumored iPhone, I was searching blogs and news sites looking for any little bit of information I could find like a starving dog looking for table scraps! As of two days ago, there wasn’t a single article or entry even denying the existence of an iPhone’s on Apple’s site. Visit today and you can’t escape the bombardment of iPhone hype.

Apple iPhone

Out of all the phone companies that have been around since the start, it seems that Apple has finally gotten it right. It’s a phone, an iPod, an internet browser, a movie player, a camera and a multi-tasking computer. On top of that, it’s just plain cool. There are no buttons as everything is completely touch screen. The unit will run you around $500, so start saving now. It will be so worth it.

For a full, official article, filled with real facts and without the excitement of a 12 year old girl, check AppleInsider’s article here:

AppleInsider: Apple Stuns Macword…

I, for one, cannot wait.




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