“Keeping Score” series on PBS…

6 11 2006

I luckily stumbled across by far one of the most creative, informative and absolutely satisfying programs on television that I’ve seen in a very long time. Presented by Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, this series not only explores and reveals the many intricacies of some of the most popular symphonies, but truly and passionately portrays every note for its real meaning. The episode I saw was exploring Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony, The Eroica. This Symphony is arguable just as popular as his 5th and 9th purely for its revolutionary sound. By the time those two were written, audiences were much more accustomed to Beethoven’s expressive style. I had been waiting for a series of this magnitude and credibility for quite a while. Mr. Thomas and various other members of the San Francisco Symphony maticulously explore ever major portion of all four movements and go well beyond basic interpretation and into an incredibly intelligent and philisophical take on the piece as a whole. For an example of the level of detail involved in this production, visit KeepingScore.org to view their interactive site. Again, this program is truly incredible and should be enjoyed by people of all ages and musical backgrounds.




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