If you thought the show “Cheaters” was embarassing…

5 11 2006

Ok, so I read about this in GQ and I had to check it out for myself…it seems all the women in the world have finally found a way to band together and talk $hit about men in a completely different medium…the internet. How great? Wonderful. Now if you break some psycho girl’s heart, you could be “blacklisted” across the entire world.

The site is called DontDateHimGirl.com and it’s somewhat disturbing. Any girl can start an account and post an alert about a guy they’ve dated that has in some way wronged them. Then, any other girl (or anyone for that matter) can search the site and read why this particular guy shouldn’t get another chance. The guy can post a rebuttal, but at that point, isn’t it already too late?

Whatever happened to good old fashioned just breaking up? Just be careful men. Now your fling with the local psycho ending in you breaking her heart could lead to quite a long dry spell.

You’ve been warned.





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